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Indra Valley Inn: Enjoy Freedom Natural Atmosphere

Indra Valley Inn
Relaxing the conditions that excites
Some travelers choose the forest as a destination to enjoy a holiday with the family limited. A valuable opportunity to be part of nature. Options are travelers and travelers visiting North Sumatra would make a trip to Bukit Lawang. Orang-utan, splashed in the Bahorok River, trekking explore Leuser terrace. Desire to live in harmony with nature is a form of spirit I did a family trip to visit tourist icon selection in North Sumatra.

Arriving at the destination gate Bukit Lawang which is the mainstay of tourism in Langkat this, never reluctant to pass on the way back with a small trekking to the entrance of orangutan conservation center Gunung Leuser National Park. Although many of the nearby hotels that gate and leisure travelers as well still feel the sensation of the outdoors, but this time I would like to invite to be more assertive in choosing other sensations offer special about the nature of Bukit Lawang.

Indra Valley Inn
Back unwind in bed
Here I prefer a lodging accommodations are recommended for local and international travelers. Similarly, because I was carrying one especially in life, not the other they are my wife and my baby is smart and has a curiosity so great. Indra valley Inn is an inn that represent the sense and the feeling. Specialty outstanding with a natural appearance also presents a harmonious surrounding environment. Being on the edge of the river that drains clear water Bahorok sidelines rocks.

Indra Valley Inn Bukit Lawang
The atmosphere around the environmentally friendly
I'm sure it is fun to be had, where the travelers who are doing the activity traveling to Bukit Lawang and get comfortable lodging at Indra Valley Inn. Solo traveler or like my family traveling is not a problem to be able to stay here, because a comfort place to stay is the main thing when the traveler wants to demolish the natural beauty.

Jalan Stasiun Orangutan, Bukit Lawang. Bohorok
☎ +62 852 0718 2234

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