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Lake Toba: World Wonders And Greatest In Southeast Asia

Danau Toba merupakan icon destinasi favorit in North Sumatra

Various reasons for the travelers want to explore the natural beauty of Indonesia, Lake Toba is one among the natural destinations are worth a visit. Why ? besides incredible natural scenery here too there are diverse cultural traditions of indigenous Batak maintained and preserved for generations until now. That is what underlies the traveler interested in visiting the largest lake in Southeast Asia were included in the list of world wonders.

Besides Lake Toba has a distinctive, here there is a large island (Pulau Samosir) and small island (Tao Island) is located amid the lake so many places that can be visited to enjoy and cool blue lake, surrounded by green hills. There is also a waterfall there is a very popular (Sipiso-piso), so the travelers need a long time to be able to enjoy all the unique and interesting destinations in the region of Lake Toba.

As a tourist icon in the province of North Sumatra distance is not far from Medan as the provincial capital, about four hours by road from Kuala Namu International Airport pass through some small towns are also interesting to be visited. Especially now Silangit Airport in Siborong-Borong been opened, the trip would be even closer (about 1 hour) travelers can already enjoy the view of Lake Toba from the tourist town of Parapat. Such access makes it easy to travelers from outside of North Sumatra province to be spoiled with exotic panorama of Lake Toba.

But it is not complete if not world travelers stop by to enjoy a moment of Medan as the third largest city in Indonesia when it will travel to the largest lake in Southeast Asia's largest. It seems also that completes my life, settled in the city of Medan and Lake Toba is the nature of my favorite travel destinations and family. That means, roughly if there are questions about the traveler's greatest destinations before and after visiting Lake Toba please via the comment field at the end of this post. Let's go !

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