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Maimoon Palace: Triumph Of Medan, Deli Sultanate Side Splendor Throne

Maimoon destination must be visited if the layover in Medan
Maimoon destination must be visited if the layover in Medan
Medan city as a gateway to North Sumatra tourism given its own color to pamper the traveler before visiting some of the tourist destinations in the province. The grandeur impressed everyone. The building stands firmly in the city center, with shades of Islamic architecture. Maimoon a heritage building in Medan on a national scale. Building grandest of all time in this city is an important asset will be the cultural treasures of Indonesia. Also become an icon of tourism in North Sumatra.

Naturally, when I heard Indonesia is rich in culture. Maimoon is one of them which is a historic relic Malay culture. Cultural elements is an important point for me so it is always in visiting this place with family. Previously when I sat on the bench high school, I always visit this location due to have a friend who lived in the palace area. Behind the palace there is a row house complex of royal palaces Maimoon. Until now I always carry my twin sons visited this place in order to introduce them to the cultural elements and the uniqueness of its diverse art in each.

Bagian dalam istana yang merupakan ruang utama
The inner side of the palace as the main room
This tourist destination city not far from the mosque building Raya Al Mashun Medan which is the forerunner of Maimoon. Relax in the square to enjoy a snack in the afternoon weekend a common sight locals or visiting this place in the morning after breakfast in the morning in order to go to the palace saw the splendor of historic buildings as well as get acquainted with the original clothing custom wither deli. Because in the palace there are the traditional Malay clothing boutique that rents deli native dress for visitors who want to pose like a lord or ladies on the ground Deli. Ornaments classic building typical Malay culture deli with a yellow green to give value would inspire the spirit and strength in her a softness

Wisata keluarga di istana maimun memberikan hiburan tersendiri bagi anak-anak
The kids especially enjoyed when visiting the palace
Some of the side walls adorned with photos and paintings of the figure of the king. Also displayed some antique chairs and couches of the kingdom, but make no mistake, the visitors must not sit on the furniture being damaged so that all travelers visiting can look at the authenticity of the furniture on display here.

Bagian jendela dan pintu istana yang megah
Section doors and windows are magnificent Istana Maimun

Plakat batu peresmian istana oleh raja maimun pertama
Plaque slate of the first king Maimoon
Maimoon also became one of the cultural heritage that stands firmly in Medan has a very important historical value, so that the city government makes Maimoon as a cultural destination that is set in the city of Medan local regulations. I am a family travelers want to always keep it special to sustainability persist by not littering let alone to ruin it. This I always emphasize to my family and my children to be able to be a traveler-friendly and environmentally conscious travelers as well as promoting tourism awareness.

If the traveler will discover the natural beauty of North Sumatra, how important visit this great destination. Before or after your adventure to another place outside of the City. However I always recommend to travelers in order to leave time within a natural cruising holiday period of at least a full day of North Sumatra, travel experiences travelers to explore nature in Sumatra will be more complete if it had had the opportunity to hunt the charm of this city. Medan city which is also a tourism gateway of Sumatra as well as the third largest city in Indonesia. Maimoon is a must-visit destination travelers.

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