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Mount Sinabung Stared Up Picking Strawberries Straight From The Field

Views of Mount Sinabung and plots
Views of Mount Sinabung and plots
About 2-3 hours from Medan city are traveling fruit, orange passionfruit to be the target of every travelers visiting Brastagi contained in Tanah Karo highlands. Since Mount Sinabung erupted to the mountain now looks unfinished activity, Brastagi deserted from travelers. The highlight Gundaling be privileged spot in the city, a peak where travelers can enjoy the expanse Brastagi, cool views of farmland, up to stare at Mount Sinabung,

Gunung Sinabung
Kami mendapatkan moment gunung sinabung kembali erupsi

Gundaling as a place that must be visited in Brastagi. In addition to the activity of a horse and wagon ride, visitors can feast for the eyes as well as satisfied breath of fresh air. I love this place to relax enjoying the cool nature of the mountains, there are a few stalls that sell a variety of food and snacks as well as scattered outlets selling unique souvenirs typical of Karo result of the strong local craftsmen will custom and culture.

So our surprise, not long after the second of my twin sons enjoyed the trip up the wagon around Gundaling peak, seen Mount Sinabung volcanic ash. The volcanic activity that makes the visitor this place became deserted when the volcanic ash blanketed spread overlay Brastagi.

Memetik langsung strawberry di kebun wisata Tanah Karo
Si Kembar (Jibran & Rafiq) mengambil kegiatan memetik strawberry
The outdoor activities are on the agenda of the second special of my twin sons this is a fun activity. Direct picking strawberries in strawberry fields belonging to a resident scholar Tanah Karo agriculture. Its location is not far from the highway there is a strawberry field in which the visitor can buy strawberries by way of direct quotation from the plant. In addition to getting a fresh strawberry, for both of my children is a rewarding experience.

Kebun Strawberry di Tanah Karo
Jibran (Kembar) sedang asyik memetik strawberry

Kebun Strawberry di Brastagi, Tanah Karo
Rasa ingin tahu yang besar memetik strawberry sebelum mengunyahnya
Adapting to a life of farming environment and provide more knowledge. They know how strawberries can grow and they are also taught to pick strawberries that is suitable for consumption.

Kebun Strawberry di Brastagi
Jibran & Rafiq (Si Kembar) tengah menikmati suasana kebun strawberry
Cool atmosphere makes them more excited, I can also feel this unpleasant sensation they enjoy. Without limitation of time, I am waiting for them to get a sense of satisfaction interact in strawberry fields. So the fatigue that later they tasted sweet fruit like a strawberry farmer and enjoy fruit crops from the fields themselves. Would not this be so much fun?

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