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Takengon : Cluster Hill, A Quiet Lake, And Until The Aroma Of Coffee Gayo

Komoditas kopi menjadikan takengon dikenal dunia karena aroma khas kopinya
Gayo coffee is very popular in the world
An invitation to attend my wife’s friend apparently made in my own interest to increase the number of days off to visit some interesting places in the city this Takengon. The city is calm, cool, and never be separated from the scent of coffee aroma typical Gayo land. Moreover, if not the Gayo coffee. Land travel by bus at night. Bend sensation that accompanied the rise and fall makes your eyes can not be closed soundly while on the bus at that time I chose to sit directly behind the driver. Steep hills made me swayed like the driver who was busy playing conquer the bus steering lonely night amid forests and hills.

Almost 12 hours of the trip taken by landline to the bus fleet. Departing night around 8 pm western Indonesian time. Promptly at 7 am local time I arrived in the town of Takengon. Cool and fresh! That aura when I first set foot on this earth Gayo. Motor rickshaw ride from the terminal last stop the bus I was riding towards Mahara hotel previously we were booking in advance via telephone a few weeks before departure. Takengon town surrounded by hills so that the air is so fresh. The bride was great knowing smile lifted his friend (my wife) that comes exactly at the expected time. Attended a wedding customs have given me experience in the knowledge of indigenous Gayo dive only know from the media information and the story of a friend who had visited here.

Keliling danau lut tawar di takengon
Pukes Princess Cave is a destination on the edge of the lake Lut Tawar
 Because it does not have time to visit tourist spots, because the day following the party list. Finally, I add the number of days to stay here. Although the body feels tired the next day after breakfast cooked skewers typical Takengon drive motor rickshaw we decided to surround the icon of a tourist destination not far from the city this Takengon. Lut Tawar Lake, which offers a taste of serenity stretch of scenic lake which is an area attraction is the desire of the people of Gayo Lues. I do not think this can be surrounded destinations within 3 hours by motor rickshaw. Because stout places that I frequent then this trip is quite time consuming, from morning until late evening.

In contrast to lakes I have ever seen and visited. Lut Tawar Lake is very quiet, there is no activity of the vessel back and forth or I do not see the visitors to swim or play water. It seems this lake can only enjoy the scenery without other activities. Throughout the journey around the lake, I only see a few lodging alone, around the mouth of the lake are not many lodgings standing. But some interesting place else I visited, some right such as: caves princess pukes who have legends of the past to save a lot of stories. This place is visited by many travelers. I also had time to go into the cave. There is one big and tall statue in it, which is believed to be the daughter of imprisoned location pukes and no corner of this cave.

Destinasi wisata alam di Takengon
Princess Cave Pukes always used the first to be imprisoned
I end with a visit to visit the traditional coffee mill oldest well-known in this town. I was also allowed to enter into. Here I saw a couple of machines that are old but still can work well. Gayo ground coffee aroma typical, here I feel how coffee is a traditional herbs that are excellent people in the mainland’s Gayo Lues. Even Gayo coffee is one of the main coffee-known to some important countries which have a lot of coffee lovers. Coffee is also the name of Gayo in Indonesia.

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