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Weekend Trip Simple Create family travelers in Medan

The twins Jibran-Rafiq with a weekend trip
The twins Jibran-Rafiq with a weekend trip
Enjoy the weekend is a means of gathering the family. Activity will dispel the boredom daily routine. Sometimes choosing a weekend trip with the kids, of course, we must be wise. The impact of weekend activity that impressed even that-that can trigger bad mood and become an unpleasant weekend. In this review I try to give some weekend travelers a choice of local trip in the city of Medan.

sweet experience to spend the weekend on the Bus Damri
sweet experience to spend the weekend on the Bus Damri
Far near 6,000 rupiah a cheap bus fares in Medan

Mini display on the bus with a brief article
Starting from a curiosity about the bus, my children are indeed willing to feel the bus stop was not far from where we live. As far as the curiosity, my son wondered why these buses have a specific place to raise passenger. As they know when to take public transportation to another, passengers can ride anywhere. Means there are unique characteristics of the bus labeled Mebidang by bus or other public transport.

Train station Medan
Train station Medan
Ride these shuttles can be an alternative entertainment fun for both of my children, as well as those who opt for a weekend activity outside the home. It turned out better too! many things they know. In addition to interacting with the other passengers, have become important in the growth of their curiosity. Life inside the bus until the special treatment regarding the procedures for the bus service provides a different sensation that is not found otherwise this Mebidang bus ride.

This one kind of mass transit is very popular among children. I think no more than a track they are quite well-known in this country. Necessarily the presence thomas cartoons. The icons in the film represents the sense of wanting to go back to feel the sensation that has special transportation special line of this rail.

Let's put the matter together with passengers who will alight from the train
Mari tingkatkan kepedulian perjalanan dengan kereta api

Memperhatikan tiap sisi perjalanan diatas kereta api

Stasuin kereta api di Binjai Kota
Stasuin kereta api di Binjai Kota

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Perjalanan pun semakin akrab dengan mereka
Other interactions they are also found here, when a train crosses the intersection of highways are closed automatically cross as a sign that the other vehicle stopped and put the train to pass. While on the other hand there is a doorman there. It becomes a chore us as parents to be able to explain what happened there.

Of course, need special treatment when up and down on this mass transit. Sometimes a sense of hurry to create something that is not conducive. Me and the other passengers to be more fond of reading. As is always the case there, where the passengers want to always break through another passenger who was about to go down. Tegaslah! that there is writing reminders in the form of stickers with the request in order to put the passengers get off.

Two shuttles face this! we can make a weekend of fun activities, especially if we are the type of family travelers with small childre
n at least 5 years of age. In Medan travelers feel simple trip can be undertaken in a day. As we've done there.

#twins #JibranRafiq #trip
Mereka #JibranRafiq tumbuh menjadi pribadi yang menyenangkan

Makan dan minum adalah hubungan yang erat dalam sebuah perjalanan dan petualangan

Memilih dengan mengenal menu merupakan khas dalam mengunjungi tempat makan
Morning towards independent courts Medan, nice work while sports there. Some of the activities in the Sunday morning we usually encounter trainer gymnastics exercise together we can do with the family. After finally we go directly to the main railway station in North Sumatra.

Choose a short trip by train to the city of Binjai. Not more than an hour away by train from Medan to Binjai. Then once we feel the trip is better with mass transit and arrive at the station Binjai, right next to the station yard travelers can easily find a bus Mebidang was hung there.

The journey back to Medan travelers can ride public buses this. Is not this a pleasant trip? Family travelers will usually be more careful to get interesting sensation at the weekend. There is no harm in trying something more interesting on the weekend. Public transport facilities can also be used as a means of communication and positive interaction for the development of children's lives that we hold dear.

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