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Samosir Island, Enjoy The Sensation Tuk-Tuk Peninsula In Lake Toba

Pulau Samosir tempat terbaik menikmati wisata Danau Toba
That became my favorite in enjoying Lake Toba is when the rising sun
When it comes to favorite destinations that inspire me, beauty of Lake Toba represent dots that would be my answer indeed. Not surprisingly, the destinations of Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia into northern Sumatra tourism icon.

The distance is not so far from the provincial capital of North Sumatra located in Medan. Mileage spent about four to five hours by car and to achieve it was not difficult. various services it easy for travelers to be able to visit the tourist area of Lake Toba. Widespread Lake Toba can be enjoyed in some locations will have the sensation of beauty in it and each has its privileges.

Menikmati perjalanan dengan bus umum
Enjoy a trip to Lake Toba with public buses Sejahtera

Bus sejahtera trayek Medan ke Parapat
Di dalam bus umum sejahtera

One of the main a pleasant place to enjoy the beauty of the largest lake in Indonesia, here I will be closer to the local life in the area around the lake is Tuktuk. The tourist area in the form of a peninsula in the samosir island more dominant in demand among foreign tourists.

Here many inns in the form of hotel to villas and all offer the beauty of Lake Toba. Long before I had children or married life I most often visit this place. Both at every opportunity and time. I would feel a special thrill when enjoying the day here. So I would always say that Tuktuk is where my inspiration is always present. Moreover, I was amazed at all with this place.

Now when the time opportunity and that opportunity comes, I brought the family to enjoy Lake Toba from behind the beauty of the peninsula of Tuktuk on the samosir island. One very nice thing happened so I get that it turns my two sons are also very loved.

Previously I took them first once vacationed here when moved over the age of two years and we chose to go with a private car vehicle because I think they are still very small at that time. Now the age when they climb in the productive age with curiosity bigger, I'd take her riding public transit buses. The bus with the name "Sejahtera" was very popular in the eyes of the traveler who wants to come to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba. In addition to the cheap fare, the bus is quite comfortable and generally do not have air conditioning but had a side window glass that can be opened.

We will interact with new people who have their own interests. We will meet the bus of the integrated bus terminal in the city of Medan precisely Amplas. Many time opportunity to use these transport services. Bus passengers Sejahtera will serve until 5 pm the day with many fleets. Route routine Medan to Parapat to cross several unique city here. Before reaching the samosir island we will be heading Parapat as a tourist town. Access from the city to be closer to achieving Tuktuk. For me in Parapat just enjoy the lake view only and not a lot of activity here.

Our trip to the tourist town of Medan Parapat across several cities. After we passed Perbaungan more dominant views of a wide expanse of palm and rubber plantations. While if it has crossed Siantar aura views of hills and pine forests. Nah! Here we feel the coolness of the way because the gate Parapat no longer will we have achieved. The broad expanse of Lake Toba will first be seen before it ended up in the tourist town. Parapat a city full of lodging and usually if travelers get here, they will complete the supplies and equipment at the city's tourist Parapat. After a routine of eating in a restaurant right on the roadside field Parapat then we will continue the journey by public transport such as minibuses to the dock for the next Tigaraja typical tourist boat ride with the aim Tuktuk Lake Toba on the island.

Diatas kapal di pelabuhan tigaraja tujuan Tuktuk di Pulau Samosir, Danau Toba
Melanjutkan perjalanan menuju pulau samosir, naik kapal dari pelabuhan tigaraja

Danau Toba
Suasana perjalanan diatas danau terbesar di Indonesia

In this Tigaraja there are docks as a place reliance various passenger ship with each of the coastal regions of interest the tourist area of Lake Toba. My twins really enjoyed the trip is approximately half an hour to reach my favorite place on this island. Slightly uniqueness passenger motor boat ride is when the crew will quote the cost of each passenger they will ask us where the passengers will be dropped. The motor ship will deliver every visitor to right in each specialty. This vessel is more indulgent travelers who come, when travelers are not getting a place to stay, the traveler will be taken to see the inn is in this Tuktuk.

Samosir Villa Resort in Lake Toba
Kolam renang di Samosir Villa Resort, Pulau Samosir. Danau Toba

Since we've already booked a hotel room in advance through online then we will not come around to get a suitable reference for our accommodation. The visit this time we will stay in Samosir Villa Resort. One of the main resort inn extensive and complete so as to provide comfort for us as a family travelers. Finally we reached the Tuktuk, Samosir Island, Lake Toba. Spacious with a radiant blue water of the lake spoil my holiday mood with the family. Coolness add we want to linger here. Now! We will enjoy and satisfy yourself to relax a few days here.

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