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Sate Paris Bang Min

Various preparations made to satisfy the traveler's trip to visit North Sumatra. Whatever travel activity travelers visiting the province, you will definitely be interested to enjoy the feel of one of the main life heterogeneous third largest city in Indonesia. Medan become mandatory Visited the city, there are various attractions of the city, its history, and do not forget to taste a variety of typical cuisine of this region.

A food restaurant located on the street amaliun, which is also not far from the Grand Mosque Al Mashun often called the Grand Mosque of Medan. Name a place to eat that is the Sate Paris Bang Min, selling traditional foods such Sate Padang. Common foods derived from Padang yet quite familiar in this city. Sate Padang distinctive flavor is very delicious to try. The restaurant is usually open in the afternoon until evening and the place is quite popular with distinctive food menu. Sate culinary image in the form of a range of culinary menu must-visit when you come to Medan.

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