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Bolu Meranti, Oleh-Oleh From Medan

Carrying a small bag containing a box which contains a sponge cake typical of Medan. Bolu Meranti is a sponge cake with a wide selection of flavors is a by-the typical cake from Medan, North Sumatra. Most visitors prefer this sponge cake though many iconic souvenirs of the city's culinary.

Bolu Meranti so soft that anyone can enjoy it especially wide selection of flavors there. Do not be too surprised to see the store Bolu Meranti is always crowded food lovers cake must sometimes be willing to queue. Some visitors also seen buying this cake so much because of orders from friends or relatives at the place of origin.

Bolu Meranti Oleh-Oleh Khas Kota Medan
One occasion when he heard a friend or relative who will be visiting Medan, was predictable that they would be entrusted rolls Meranti. The unique name attached and make a brand popular culinary third largest city in Indonesia.

Lezat rasa bolu meranti dari Medan
Talk to quality, Bolu Meranti has a softness of texture and also taste delicious. I am only staying settled in Medan want to always be able to enjoy with the family. We prefer the savory taste of cheese.

Well! If friends want to enjoy this delicious cake, you can go directly to the house where the rolls have stayed.

Jl. Kruing No. 2K Medan
North Sumatra, Indonesia

And has branches in,

Jl. Singamangaraja No. 19B Medan
(Right opposite the Hotel Garuda Plaza)
North Sumatra. Indonesia
Phone: +6261 453 8217

Alternatively, you can also visit this website Bolu Meranti

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