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Guidance On visiting Medan in North Sumatra

Pusat Kota Medan
Medan is the third largest city in Indonesia, is easily accessible from almost all parts of the world. Can be reached by traveling by air, land, sea travel also. Medan is the capital of the province of North Sumatra located on the island of Sumatra and is part of the State of Indonesia.

Malay, Mandailing, Batak, Karo, and Nias, is indigenous in North Sumatra who inhabit the city of Medan. In addition, many migrants from other areas who settled in this city. Generally, those immigrants who come from Java and Aceh. Terrain be home that has a diverse ethnic and cultural therein, mutual respect. Basically the cultural roots that stand in Medan are ethnic Malays, seen from there is magnificent royal palace located in the heart of the city. Maimun Palace became the forerunner of the actual founding of the city of Medan.

Menikmati sore di Mesjid Raya Al Mashun
Habitual travelers before next tourist travel activity is visiting and surrounds the city of Medan in advance. Here we meet many destinations within the city in the form of a historic building that has been retained by the government. Some ancient buildings are an option that must be visited by travelers when they are here. Tourists from the Netherlands choose to stay longer here to enjoy their family memories because we met so many old buildings of Dutch architecture that stands in the city center to the outskirts of this.

Maimun Palace in Medan
In addition to mandatory visit travelers in Medan, here was found a lot of culinary variety of traditional flavors that is able to pamper the traveler who loves the world of food. Culinary tourism make tourists want to be lingering in the city of Medan. Almost every corner of the city presents a variety of traditional food and drink typical. Starting from the culinary street to the culinary offerings of the city known luxury owned this friendly. It became a picture for travelers, that the city of Medan is really being welcome you.

Terrain has a famous natural tourist destinations in the world and became an icon of tourism in Indonesia. North Sumatra has a natural panorama largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia. Lake Toba become a mainstay of nature that unfolds in North Sumatra.

North Sumatra also has destinations tropical forests, orangutans are endangered species that are excellent in this area and the only one in the world. And if there are travelers who like the beach panorama, please just fly to the island of Nias. There are a lot of beaches that offer a sense of awe for the natural beauty and is still there. In fact one of the main beaches have waves that can be used to play surfing travelers. One of the main beaches the best waves in the world.

All activities are sightseeing trip starts from the city of Medan. The town has access to all the tourist destinations that runs on the mainland of North Sumatra. Travel experience you will better understand it and Medan as a gateway for travelers who want to explore the beauty and uniqueness spread across the island of Sumatra.

We will see! In this town has the best international airports in Indonesia and have a few other airports in the region. Most tourists who come through the air and landed at the international airport of Kuala Namu that distance takes about 20 minutes from the center of the city of Medan. Full facilities facilitate travelers further determine the direction of travel destinations.

With family or paired travelers can enjoy the experience of traveling on vacation in Medan. Many inns in the form of star hotels, villas, cottage, homestay and budget hotels that will stand up to welcome those of you who want an adventure excursions in Medan and enjoy the treats of the beauty that lies on the mainland of North Sumatra.

An alternative place to stay for solo travelers is also available in the city of Medan. Budget Room Solo Travelers owned Griya 24 Kost and Homestay can be the best solution for travelers who do activities while in this city before traveling further elsewhere in Sumatra. The best experience of your trip will be more interesting because all starts from here, in the city of Medan

Of the Air Line

Some airlines international and local flights will land at the international airport of Kuala Namu. One of the main airports in Indonesia will best serve your arrival today. Airport which is located not far from the center of the city of Medan as the capital of North Sumatra province. There are a lot of land transport services to deliver the guests who arrive in this city.

These major international airlines such as Malaysia and Singapore will bring travelers to be able to step on the mainland of North Sumatra in Medan or main airlines flying locally with the faithful always continue your journey from Jakarta to the third largest city in Indonesia through runway Kuala Namu International Airport.

In Kuala Namu International Airport there are plenty of public transport is the choice of travelers to be able to reach the city of Medan. The alternative to taxis and private cars were leased, up busing Damri best choice for travelers who want the convenience and cheaper fare. There is also a special train to the airport which go directly to the city center or the center of Medan, certainly with the cost of higher cost than Damri bus ride.

Through the Road

Medan have access to a landline. Meet with the Public Transport Terminal Bus and Minibus Integrated Sandpaper and Pinang Baris Terminal. Many public transportation to travel routes and corner of the city in Medan here. Minibus here sudako familiarly known as the pronoun of the city's public transportation. Two terminals of public transport serving the travel between cities within the province as well as inter-city public transport buses between provinces in Sumatra Island to Java.

By Sea Line

To reach the city of Medan by using waterways or sea, travelers can rely on the Port of Belawan. The largest port in North Sumatra is further to be able to meet with the city center in Medan compared with air lines from Kuala Namu International Airport. It takes more than one hour away by public transport minibus fleet while the city will be faster with a taxi service because it crosses the lane freeway or motorway. Ship passengers will be charged a lot of leaning on this port. Generally, domestic passenger ships from Java or Aceh province and the capital Jakarta.

Three of these pathways into the influx of visitors from various places in the world to the third largest city in Indonesia. Terrain become a gateway for travelers who travel to various tourist destinations in North Sumatra's natural. Whatever type of style of your trip, whether it is a sightseeing trip with the family, tourists with a couple or solo travelers who want adventure towards the pieces of paradise here to not put it off, various facilities and accommodations are equipped for the sake of your adventure trip. Terrain become the third largest city in Indonesia, seems worth a visit. While North Sumatra mainland that have the largest and unique destinations will enhance your adventure experience for some of the largest destinations of the iconic Country Indonesia tourism.
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