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Budget Room & Breakfast: Travel Accommodation In Medan

North Sumatra province in Indonesia, part of which has a destination of outstanding natural beauty. Of course, to be able to discover the beauty of the panorama of visitors shall pass the third largest city in Indonesia. Medan as the gateway entrance of the travelers to make a long trip to visit every interesting destinations in Sumatra.

I as a manager who has a personal background that likes to travel and adventure with family. The effect is to bring accommodation Griya 24 has a special place for the local and foreign traveler in the form of budget rooms with breakfast. With simple features we offer comfort and security for tourists alone (solo traveler) who was visiting Medan.

Smart price guarantee make accommodation Griya 24 is always attracted tourists as their home addresses in the city of Medan. I as the host has the composition itself creates a family atmosphere with guests staying here. Griya 24 itself has a basic concept as accommodation boarding house for students and employees with a monthly rent.

We are in the heart of Medan city so close to the city center. Its location within the highway yet very easily accessible. Some public facilities are easy to reach. Banks, ATM, Hospitals, Workshops, Offices, counters transport, university or college, Pharmacies, Shopping Center, traditional market and hawker center (culinary) that are nearby. This requirement makes accommodation Griya 24 is a good option as a temporary shelter during the move in the city.

Bid savvy of budget room in Griya 24 provides comfort for the solo traveler moreover provided with breakfast. Our openness towards guests who stayed made this place into one of the inn favored by local and foreign tourists.

@ Budget Room And Breakfast
Jalan Sisingammangaraja Gang Sumatera No. 24-A Medan
(Akses Gang Indrajid sebelah RS. Estomihi dan Bank BRI)
Sumatera Utara - Indonesia 20218
Email: herrysusanto.id@gmail.com
Phone: +62 822 7412 0026 (Herry - Host Accommodation)

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