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At The Moment Cattle

Objek wisata di Brastagi
Cattle farm
Brastagi become the most favored tourist spots to fill the holiday weekend. The distance is about two hours from the center of Medan. And winding uphill road with treats views of hills and valleys. Making Brastagi has a cool atmosphere, this place is often visited by local tourists from Medan and surrounding areas.

The air is cool with panoramic mountain views indulgent weekend activities so that we often visit. Trip travel Brastagi activities can be done in a day. Meanwhile, to stay is the best choice. We continue to share experiences and seek to inspire your trip.

Wisata ke Brastagi
Enjoying a lively movement of cattle

Actually, there are many activities that can be done in the area known as the city's fruit. As enjoying the panoramic beauty of the expanse of the city from the top. From here, tourists can also look Sibayak and Mount Sinabung. Gundaling also often used to relax with the family in order to fill the holiday weekend.

This time we would like to invite you to visit the area of dairy farms that produces fresh milk from the milking cows are located in this area. The place is pretty relaxed because they are in the tourist area of Brastagi. The atmosphere around the place of hills with views of green trees refreshing.

Not far from the monument orange towards Brastagi will encounter road crossing to the right. The trip takes less than an hour travel by car or motorcycle vehicle. Follow along this road to get to the entrance gate area cattle farm and visitors will not be charged to get into this area.

Travelers will see immediately how treat cows here while enjoying the fresh genuine milk can be purchased from a store in this area. They sell fresh milk from the cows in the area of ​​this farm. Relaxing with family enjoying the fresh milk to treat the beauty of the panoramic view of green hills.

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