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Samosir Island Travel Guide

If a visit to Indonesia, would know how to charm of its natural beauty will indulge every visitor who traveled in the island country in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has three time division each of which difference 1 hour. Three of the time division is in western Indonesia, the middle and eastern part of Indonesia.

Here, let me guide your way to visit the island. Vulcano island in the middle of the natural beauty of Lake Toba. A popular tourist attraction on the island of Sumatra, and become an icon of tourism in North Sumatra. Sumatra Island is located in the western part of Indonesia that has a variety of enchanting beauty of nature are worthy of your visit if adventure in Indonesia.

Lake Toba is a volcanic lake formed by the massive eruption of the volcano in the past. Object natural beauty so very charming. Attracted so many tourists who visit there. Why? Not because of its beauty, but the fact is Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia.

Another uniqueness of Lake Toba is a volcanic island and there be a special place for tourists who want to enjoy nature Lake Toba with a vengeance. The island is the jewel in the middle of Lake Toba Samosir Island was named.

The first thing you do before traveling there. Make sure you have landed in Medan, the third largest city in Indonesia and is the capital of North Sumatra province.

Kualanamu is an international airport in North Sumatra, a distance of about 40 minutes from the center of the city of Medan. If you want to skip to the island of Samosir after landing at the international airport Kualanamu. This trip can be done if you arrive in Medan in the morning until noon. Because this time is the right time to make the trip from Medan to Lake Toba.

Once you pass the airport exit.

A pleasant trip until finally you are in Medan. Arriving at the international airport Kualanamu mainland of North Sumatra. An important part of travel, choose transportation continue the adventure.

• Using taxis is the right choice if you're with luggage such as large suitcases with small wheels and other congenital like a surfboard. Perform fare deals and show your journey to the Public Transport Terminal in Amplas. Negotiation costs are very important if you do not want to use the taxi meter. Or you can choose a second transport below.

• Take the Bus Damri is public transportation such as buses with small size. Of course this choice is the right choice for you travelers who use a backpack, because the fare will be cheaper. Best price for transportation in Kualanamu to the Public Transport Terminal in Amplas. Helps you choose this bus route specifically to Amplas.

Amplas is an area where there is a ground terminal all public transport. The public bus to travel between cities within the province or inter-city public bus transportation between provinces. Various mini buses with various routes streets in Medan. This is why I walk with your journey after landing at the airport Kualanamu Samosir Island.

To get on Samosir Island you will travel overland to the distance of about 4 hours from the city of Medan. Passing several other small towns with a view of the houses of local residents, regional oil palm and rubber plantations until you find the area of the natural scenery of Lake Toba in Parapat. One of the main cities on the edge of the area of Lake Toba.

Parapat is a tourist city that is often visited local residents to vacation at the end of the week. The ambiance cool air of the hills with a view of Lake Toba. On weekends or public holidays local city is crowded with visitors who want to relax while enjoying the nature of Lake Toba. Here there are two ports that serve routes from Parapat to Samosir Island.

Ajibata port is the port where the ferry reliance loaded with about 20 cars, is used for visitors who want to bring their vehicle. Ferry boat services will serve routes to Port Tomok Samosir Island every 2 hours until 9 pm local time. I noticed when the holidays filled with vehicles queuing up at this port.

If tourists want to visit the island of Samosir without bringing the vehicle is suggested that typical passenger boat ride from Pier Tigaraja Lake Toba. Here many ships that serve these purposes to the island. Every 1 hour all existing ships will serve journey there. There are two ships heading to the island of Samosir, no ship to the Port Tomok Samosir Island and some ships that deliver tourists to their hotel in a tuktuk if you want to enjoy and stay on the island.

Why choose Tuk Tuk to vacation on Samosir Island?

Tuktuk is a tourist destination on the island of Samosir. There are plenty of hotel accommodation to budget accommodations and traditional with traditional Batak typical building. Activities traveled enjoying nature Lake Toba can be done from here. Occupying a comfortable place to stay in various hotels and adventure on Samosir Island is an incredible experience. So many tourists to travel to enjoy the panoramic natural beauty of Lake Toba in tuktuk.

Local residents with Batak culture is still preserved on the island of Samosir. Some historical relics as well as all indigenous heritage Batak culture can still be found here. With natural hills lined trees that provide coolness. Coupled with playing the blue water of Lake Toba, Samosir Island made a place in the hearts of the visitors or tourists who come.

Thus I give a brief guide about the trip to enjoy Lake Toba in North Sumatra. For those of you who want to require the information travels to the island of Samosir in the middle of Lake Toba can contact me through the axes of electronic communication and social media.

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