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Weh Island, The Beauty Of Most Western Indonesia

Our best trip when stealing time away in exploration honeymoon a week after our wedding ceremony title. Natural charm expanse of beach with views of the sea world wealth can be found close to the shoreline. Weh Island is the westernmost island of the Indonesian state.

Sabang became the main town on the island weh. Cities with the nickname #santaibanget really relaxed. Traversing the city is passing from 12 noon it will look deserted because all residents will take a break until 5 pm. Although we have not been able to find clearly that cruise ships often stop in the town of Sabang. Wish we could be after the ship took over next trip.

The first visit we might enjoy a honeymoon trip. The most worthwhile visit where we have twins as our wedding gift of happiness, until we visited back in. Many papers strewn on the island weh, written wonderful memories with the fruit of our marriage. Coast of surprises wet body while stepping on some rocks in the coastal shores. We're going to eat, or a moment between sleep and floated on her back enjoying the natural sound of the waves.

How can we reach them.

To be able to touch the zero point of Indonesia on the island weh. Morning trip will probably be able to catch the boat that will bring the lover moved from Banda Aceh city. We took the morning trip, choose the best flight Garuda Indonesia our country. Flying experience that makes our children feel happy because each getting a new toy from the pilot. From Medan take the travel time of less than one hour. Banda Aceh as a city which requires every visitor to stop and enjoy the charm of the town that was once a major disaster. The water level tsunami struck and destroyed the entire city while Baiturahman mosque remained standing majestically in downtown Banda Aceh.

Banda Aceh require visitors to stop for a minute.

Stay in Banda Aceh is the best option before sliding to Sabang. some of the inn will wait for a lean body is enjoying the rest of the trail tsunami destination city is still very familiar. There is a pretty decent hotel at a cheap rate to keep the rest to increase the budget to Sabang. Of course we have a few options to stay overnight in Banda Aceh.


Half an hour by taxi to the port of greatness seekers find the natural beauty of the island weh. Ulee Lheue has two ships that serve the crossing from Banda Aceh to Sabang. There is a fast ferry boat with a travel time of less than an hour while if you want to enjoy a relaxing trip with great ferry has slow style of delivering passengers. But the trip became more indulgent enjoy more than one and a half hour. We rode fast ferry allows to reduce the time and quickly got impatient want to lean on the harbor Balohan in Sabang.

Let us begin the search ankle on the island weh.

Starting the journey of adventure on the island weh. Getting a haven of beauty as it is in much of anything with a bassinet relaxed atmosphere. Port conditions almost similar when entering a village where everything is offering trips. In Sabang also has many specialty which all offer views of the sea and the beach.

Wisata ke pulau weh
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We drive a taxi without an official travel agency name label. In the form of private vehicles that they (the driver) is the owner of the car. We chose a traditional inn with modern face. The owners of the hotel as well as a popular chef. Get enough food delicious buffet-style, but must be ordered in advance to follow a romantic dinner at the Hotel Santai Sabang. in order to spend time relaxing on the beach.

Specialty fun for us when our children also enjoy sleeping away from the comfort of his own room at home. Rooms have a terrace with a stand on the lip of the hill with a view of the beach. Everyone will be walking along the white sand ripple waves between wave pulled over to try to touch the feet. But to dress this beach is not free to use your favorite bikini top prize a special day. There is a limit vortex bikini area that allows guests to read while bathed in sunshine

The observation invites us to stay relax around the area of the inn. plenty of family activities created splashes of enjoying a taste of spoiled nature trickle wide. Many devoured a second time with my kids as well as my wife. We will exceed the behavior patterns of children are far below the equivalent of our age or our children. This is a sensation of pleasure in defending a choice. If it is not too fast, perhaps a time will take that chance. Dialogue with Nature teaches us to keep it simple because it is unusual travel adventures.

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